Intrepidfox's study log

Be sure to develop and solidify good systems to ensure you can reach you goals. Applications such as WaniKani and Kitsun do this for you by managing a review schedule, but you’ll want to ensure you’re keeping pace on lessons as well.

Don’t worry too much if you struggle with any grammar early on. You’ll notice recently-learned grammar when watching anime (especially if you don’t use English subtitles) and you’ll encounter such grammar when you read manga. Those kinds of things will help you to recognize the grammar more quickly, and to understand it better in the long run. (But it’ll take a while to get there.)

Watch for areas in your daily life where you waste time that you can spend being productive.

For example, if you’re having trouble getting in watching one episode per day, but find you typically spend half an hour a day sitting around doing nothing, then make a rule that any time you’re sitting around doing nothing, you start up the next episode to watch.

If you spend half an hour throughout the day scrolling through meaningless social media posts, then require of yourself that you read and fully understand one page of manga before you can pull up social media, for every time you want to bring up social media throughout the day.

And if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the completed Yotsuba book club, and the Absolute Beginners Book Club!