Interesting research: Kanji grouped by onyomi sorted by uniqueness

Kanji grouped by on-yomi reading with ascending ‘commonness’ of onyomi reading.

Scroll down for the commonest readings (attached screenshot)… I hope your good at visualizing Shoguns, Koichi, Sheep and Genghis Khan! …cos there are loadssss of them. Personally, I’ve changed all those mnemonic elements to ones that are vivid to me rather than struggle with WK suggestions.

I’m finding this information helpful in planning how I’m going to represent onyomi in my mind, so I thought I’d share it.

(Link shows 1945 Yojo Kanji in total, pre-2010 set)


Interesting. I have frequently thought that my WK studies should have begun with memorizing the most common mnemonic images. This table gives the exact answer of which sounds are the most important to have firm mental images of, if you are learning by visual mnemonics.

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So far, I’m preparing well. This guy is my コウ…

For me, he vividly jumps out of a mnemonic, …always with his glass/bottle of COOrs.


I see Koichi’s been working out.


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