Inefficient radical combinations

It happens sometimes, a quite bad example is , which got five radicals instead of two with a kanji you already know (疑). I also dislike that a kanji is not considered to use its own radical, so it is not so easy to look it up.

I would be careful with “obvious”, if you juggle around 2000 kanji it’s not that obvious, maybe they changed the order and thought the kanji/radicals are not available (at that particular level) or something.

You can install my semantic-phonetic script, it has better coverage than WK if you like “kanji split only once analysis”. But from that I can tell that it’s not easy to find good splits.

Finally, I think they are working on the radicals, I expect a better coverage and lesser splits afterwards.

A bit unrelated: I was wondering at grave and measurement, the kanji in the forums is printed as this:
which should be samurai (which also explains the reading し). Looks like the Japanese messed that up while importing.