In the hole

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ohh dear.

This is my first post. I’ve been away a little over two months and have accumulated over 800 reviews. That’s over half of my burn pile! Two months ago I fell into review despair. Yesterday I realized a BLACKPINK song I was listening to was actually j-pop. Maybe I can chip away at these…


Too tired to offer advice right now, so I’ll just say: がんばって!


Good luck!! One session at a time :blush:


I had like 1,500 reviews for months before I finally gave up and reset from level 47 to 1. I just. Was too depressed by my reviews lmao Wouldn’t suggest doing that though.

In the past when I had huge review piles, starting a song to listen to and seeing how many reviews I could get through before it ended was fun. But make sure to be mindful and don’t get too many wrong, because they’ll just show up again right away and your review pile will be the same as ever.

(Also which Blackpink song? >__>)


Just keep chipping away :chipmunk:

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There are japanese versions of select songs but here is one you may have heard of :eyes: BLACKPINK - 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' (JAPANESE VER) 日本語/歌詞 (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Kan) - YouTube

Ahhhhh okay. I’ve heard this version.
I like some of their songs BETTER in Japanese, like As If It’s Your Last or Playing With Fire, but I always find it kind of jarring when they put the raps in English for some reason. :eyes:

Don’t despair! You can do it.

Some time ago I wrote a little bit about how I managed to tackle such a pile of reviews, maybe you’re interested?


oh, this seems to be more common than I realized! thank you for sharing ;-;

there were a couple of weeks when I was despairing because my reviews kept hovering at around 300 with no improvement. I tried to fight without resorting to the reorder script but the reviews were too much. I think at this point fighting the reorder script is like fighting a force of nature


That sounds like a neat description :slight_smile: The good thing is, you can use it to help you along for some time, and then use it less and less. E.g. when I was buried under the big review pile, I ordered my reviews by level, but now I only use the script because I like my reviews back-to-back, with the reading review coming first. (Oh, and for ordering my lessons but that’s a different story.)

And yes, it’s a very common issue, you’re totally not alone! It’s quite common that life gets in the way in some way or another, and bam! all of a sudden the reviews start piling up… It’s not easy to fight that, but when you win, the achievement will be amazing! :muscle:

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over 2000+ here :upside_down_face:


God speed.


First thing I did with a similar pile was level down a few levels. This way you can relegate a few of these items back to the lesson pile to deal with later. Then do a few reviews at a time, no need to do the whole pile at once. Don’t do any lessons until you have a managable amount of reviews for at least a few days.


Advice I took heed of when I first started: try to keep your Apprentice items at 100 or lower.

At times I brave the 150 range, but it will bite me in the butt at some point.

First thing I recommend is, don’t level down until you KNOW you can’t catch up with this. Given we saw someone in a similar position post about it a week or so ago (I don’t think it was Nicole) and they managed to knock it down, I am sure you can as well. You can do it, because you can do it!. You may not be painting but the song is still relevant! :smiley:

Second thing I recommend is, don’t do any new lessons until you get your reviews to a point you feel comfortable with the number. Hammer that number down before taking on anything new. I am sure you like remember more of those 860+ reviews than you think you do.

Third thing is, be careful with the reorder scripts. Just be responsible. What amazes me are the folks who post from level 20 with 1000 lessons waiting in the wings… because they reorder lessons to level up and ignore vocab. Yeah, reordering lessons is different than reordering reviews!

You can do it. Don’t give up.

If you start with the reorder and realize you really are not remembering more than you forget, drop 1 level. Don’t drop more than 1 at a time.

If you are pulling in 80% or higher accuracy, definitely don’t reset.

Good luck!


Some time ago I defeated my stack of 2000+ reviews.
After some days:
Then finally:

story link:

It might take a few days or weeks, but you can do it! All you need to do is to do as many reviews as you can every day, the stack will get smaller.
slerched’s advice is good as well, so with or without level reset, you can make it happen!


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I weighted my older (almost-burned) reviews first and pulled in a little over 70% accuracy. I think this pile will start to look smaller for a few more days before reviews pile back up again. When that happens I might need to slow down. I am bracing myself. It’s coming. Maybe I will need to reset.

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Good luck with your reviews :raised_hands:t2:

Since you already lowered the number of reviews, the only thing I might suggest is “spread the reviews” over a few days I.e. probably 100-150 a day so that all of them won’t come back at the same time.

Rooting for your success :clap:

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I was in the same hole as you.

Oct 24


We are going to make it out!


Well, here’s my hole:


P. S. This thread reminds me of this video:


Hello fellow spelunkers

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motivation is already flagging which is why today I have stopped one review into the 400s.

Some fun japanese links that you may be interested in
Oh wow, the last Eva movie has a release date now
Apparently the konnichiwa podcast blew up a season ago, still listening