I'm "slow" at Wanikani, and I'm ok with it :D

I decides to reset from level 40 something to level 1 because life happened. Now I’m back, fully committed to get relearn what I have already learnt. It is taking me approximately between 10 to 11 days to level up but that’s ok. For me it’s about enjoying the ride, acquiring a better knowledge in kanji and studying grammar, which will happen at some point.


I have started back in September and reached lvl 11 in mid December. By many posts here that wouldn’t be considered fast but to me it felt like that.

After that I had to skip 2 weeks due to travelling and so far January was only about trying to lower the number of piled up reviews, even though I have enabled vacation mode.

I forgot a lot of things from the latest levels and it took me around 2 weeks to reduce the number of reviews from 450 to below 200, I would be happy if I could get back on track by February.

So yes people can be fast but for me I lost a month because of 2 weeks off, not all of us have the same level or life circumstances.

I used to do all lessons when I have unlocked a level but I will have to force myself to be slower as it took a lot of willpower to kind of start again after those 2 weeks.

Yep, I went faster at the beginning but since slowed down. I started learning Japanese about 2.5 years ago and signed up for WK lifetime 2 years ago. I found that I was learning more kanji than I would be able to put into sentences, so thought it would be better to slow down and get to grips with grammar first, so I could actually use the new words/kanji. Now I’m on level 15 and progressing slowly but surely.


I’ve used WK for 14 months and I’m at level 12. Hoping to finish in 4-5years. I guess some can do this under two years, but I have no interest at all to go faster. I do it my way.


I am not against slow pace, but I feel this App is SRS app which adjusts your time between reviews for individual items so that your recall is tested at the most IDEAL TIME for your memory.
So I think stretching the review time will definitely hamper the design principle.
So I think instead stretching the review, you should have some cooling time if you are feeling overwhelmed after completion of lessons.
I think this might be good strategy.

I think the minute you start even thinking about comparing yourself with others, the fun is disappearing and competitiveness is starting. I know that from my own experience, and I also saw what that did to my friends in any area of studying, so it’s good that you know your pace!

fingers crossed :slight_smile:


I’m glad I bought the lifetime subscription because I’ve had it for over a couple years now.

I’ve never felt that memorization was something that I’m gifted at so I’m fine with giving my brain the time it needs to absorb everything on WK. It’s a lot!!


Well you’re still at it. I basically have WK on hold right now. I’m playing Fire Emblem Engage in Japanese instead :sweat_smile:


For me I still do reviews as soon as they come up. I just don’t do lessons until I feel ready to take in some new vocab, which is why I’m ‘only’ level 8 after (I think) 6 months of WK.

I enjoy this slow pace! It’s calming and I don’t get very stressed out by it, which would’ve made me quit. Going slow and getting through it is better than going quick, burning out and never coming back again.

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