I'm level 13 but haven't done WaniKani since 2017. What should I do?

Hello fellow WaniKani users,
I used to study kanji everyday, and I got all the way up to level 13 in 2017. The problem is that when I looked back at all the reviews, I hardly recognize anything except the most basic kanji. Also, a lot of the radicals seem to have changed since back in the day. What should I do? Do I reset? And if so, to what level?
Thank you for your advice.


Hey, I remember you! Welcome back!
I think I would just reset since it’s been so long. It would only set you back a few months at most but would give you lots of time get back into the habit and re-familiarize yourself with the content.


Oh well… Back to level 1 I guess!


I think resetting is a good idea. But check the levels before resetting to the first one to see whether or not that far down is necessary.

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Well, it took 86 days, but I’m finally back to level 13 again! I have once again reentered uncharted territory, so we shall see what happens as the WaniKani journey continues…


Congrats on that comeback! Your kanji knowledge is stronger than ever :v:t3:


this is probably not super helpful at this point, but I did a similar thing, and the old radical names still work for reviews (e.g., “canopy” used to be “mullet”; I advanced this radical past apprentice using the old name only to find that the kanji “store” called it canopy instead).