Im back! whats changed?

I started my wanikani journey a long time ago (roughly 9 to 10 years ago), when i first started learning japanese.
Although i am only level 45 and have about 2400 reviews to go through after not wanikani for quite a few years. im dedicated to clearing the que and getting to level 60.
although i got jlptn2 about 5 years ago and currently live in japan and am fluent, i havent really focused on kanji / vocab much and have been acquiring it naturally for a few years.
i will use this as a tool to eventually get n1. i guess by july or december this year.

I’m curious to how the website has changed in the past 5+ years since i seriously studied with this app.
Anything big in particular?


There’s Kana Vocab now.
The lesson picker is new.
The summary page after reviews is gone.
We have a “Recent Mistakes” component now.


The most important thing is that Jourm has become Joe once more.


Basic functionality, not so much, but

  • Old script pre-2023 are broken on the website, due to using a new web framework
  • Additional of Kana vocabularies, that is, no reading quiz for those, and API is updated accordingly. Some old third-party mobile apps might be broken.
  • Removal of summary page
  • Limited lessons per day, and Lesson picker, is very new. Lesson picker has been there for a while, but not official.
  • New mnemonics. Major overhaul has been a while, after that, some gradual changes.
  • New context sentences
  • Additional vocabularies and Kanji. Not so many yet on Kanji part, though. Contents are gradually improving, as they really respond to feedback for those.

Also, WK now detects if you enter meaning instead of reading or if you enter kanji reading instead of vocab reading and doesn’t fail the item in such case – instead it asks to enter correct reading.


I am now here!


This is a result of the conspiracy by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to win the Super Bowl, endorse Joe, and make sure Jourm loses the election.


Big Kanji strikes again! Always working in the kage to keep Mrs Chou down. SAD


I joined in 2017 but since then no nothing important has really happened :thinking: