I'm a dumb-dumb who didn't know you can look up a word in WK

So i’m only at level 4 and up to this point i’ve been looking up Kanji, Vocab and Radicals by clicking on their section, choosing “Pleasant” and turning to the level that i remember where the thing is from. “That’s way too much effort”, some would say, but the handful of levels make it bearable.

But this morning, I tried looking up a word with the Magnifier symbol and the results were: a full package of Kanji, Vocab and Radicals related to it. That was mind blowing, for a technology amateur like me :sneezing_face:

Basically you can use their name, or copy the writing itself in case you can’t write directly in Japanese, to search. You can also use the pronunciation, but it has to be quite exact apparently :thinking:

Anyway i find this very useful, and for anyone who is as naive as me, this could come in handy :smiley:

Example below:



Happy to hear your found something useful, buuuut:

So in one post, you call yourself a “dumb-dumb,” “amateur,” and “naive.”

You, and anyone else that may have overlooked features like that aren’t dumb. ^^ Thank you for taking the time to share in case it can help other beginners. :+1:


Don’t be so hard on yourself! It took me a while to start using the search function too. 頑張って!


I didn’t see it at first either. But now I use it all the time.


Thank youuu for the nice words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I guess because English is not my native language they somehow didn’t feel as bad haha


Shiba 犬!!!:pleading_face::pleading_face: I just used the search for 頑張って again but I kinda knew it was Kanbatte :laughing: thank you!

You can.
On a PC you’ll want to install an IME which allows you to enter romaji and suggests possible writings in kanji, hiragana or katakana.
On a tablet or cellphone you have to install a Japanese keyboard to do the same thing.

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And if you’re on a work computer or whatnot and want to use an IME anyway, you can set Google Translate to Japanese as the input language, and it will serve as an IME as well if you toggle the setting.