If you want radical PNGs with transparent backgrounds for a project you're doing, I've prepared them

I’m working on something personal and I needed PNGs of all of the radicals. The PNGs you can pull from the official API don’t have a transparent background, and I don’t have the option of using SVGs.

I’ve downloaded all of the SVGs, and then converted them into PNGs with transparent background including black and white variants. You can find them here:


I think there might be a few missing? At least one of the radicals didn’t have any SVG data on the API, so it ended up being skipped.


Noticed my script didn’t convert some of the SVGs to black PNGs. Working on fixing that.

And… should be fixed now (or whenever GHPages updates at least).

Which ones are missing?

I’m not 100% sure.

I’m working on a custom Anki deck to supplement my use of the main Wanikani app.

I’m intentionally skipping radicals that are listed as “kanji” on this list (I probably should’ve mentioned that in the first place come to think of it).

Out of the radicals that I am not skipping, before, icicle, proclaim, and wheat did not come up with svg files (or at the least my script didn’t get svg files for them from the API, it might be a problem with my script).

EDIT: While the above is true, my initial script getting the SVGs was not set up to skip those radicals, so nevermind about that.

I just went through and manually created SVG files for those four radicals and then converted them into PNGs, so those are no longer missing.

I’d be happy to add any missing radicals to the repository.

Definitely missing radicals: