If I use only wanikani.. I will come Japanese native level?

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Short answer: No, you won’t become as proficient as a native using only WaniKani.

Long answer: WaniKani only teaches kanji, and not all of them at that (only about 1,700). To learn grammar and more vocabulary (WaniKani covers about 5,000 words), you’ll need to study using other resources.

Try looking at the list of resources below and you’ll see what I mean. I hope they help you!

The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


It will teach you how to read and some vocab

It’s over 2,000 kanji nowadays! 2,041 to be exact.

In addition to what the others said, if you remember 2,000 kanji well, I would say that’s comparable to what a native might be able to read. A native might also be able to write at least half of them as well though.


It teaches you kanji and a good amount of vocabulary to read but you still need other sources for grammar, listening and speaking.


Short answer is no, but try to think like this: you will come closer to native level than if you didn’t use wanikani :wink:


It’s over 2,000 kanji nowadays! 2,041 to be exact.

Ah, thanks for letting me know! I guess WaniKani needs to update its About page, though, as it gave me the totals I mentioned.

No it won’t.

You’ll get good at reading kanji and kanji only, and not even that at native level, I would say.

Wanikani is best used as part of a wider program of study - and as one goal along the way, as opposed to the end of your Japanese or even kanji learning.


There is tons of grammar and kana only vocab you need to learn as well.
Kanji and in turn Wanikani is just a small part of many resources you will need.
Wish you the best of luck <3

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None of us will ever reach native level because we are not natives.

I would say that someone who graduated high school in Japan is probably approaching the 3000 mark.

I mean, it’s a little ambiguous, as always, because many of the kanji in the 1000 that represent that difference are only used in a single rare word, or in a particular place name, or something like that. They might not know every possibly reading for the kanji, or its radical, etc… but they excel at the ability to just read the kind of content that adults have to read.


absolutely not. You need grammar. Bunpro.jp is okay, but you just kind of accept what it’s teaching you and you don’t really LEARN it. I recommend Genki as a real companion if you plan to pursue learning Japanese. Anywho… 頑張ってね。


No, as people above said you will never reach native level (or any level at all) relying just on Wanikani. It’s a good resource for learning kanji’s and some vocabulary, but that’s about it. To learn decently any language you need to study some grammar and practice a lot listening, speaking and writing (not necessarily by hand), and Wanikani doesn’t teach you any of that.

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Answer is in your heart

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You will always know by heart what you need to keep studying… trust yourself. As for wanikani it will teach to remember kanji and radicals up to japanese native level. For grammar you can use some books… but dont limit yourself just to that… watch japanese drama, japanese YouTube read manga, play games use helloTalk read japanese news… etc :wink:

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