I wish we had to do vocab lessons before leveling up

Similar to to @JustHiro, I actually really enjoy the Vocab lessons because they both help cement the kanji and also I love learning new words, or realizing I now know the kanji to read words I already knew by sound or in hiragana but just didn’t know the Kanji for.

That said, since I’m REALLY bad at remembering new kanji, but actually pretty good with vocabulary (yes, looking at you 失, which I still mix up with 夫 and 矢 but had no trouble burning all the vocab for), I also use the WaniKani Lesson Filter userscript to start learning some vocab unlocked ahead of the next kanji.

I tend to do lessons in groups of: 2 new kanji, 3 new vocab, or if I’m failing recently learned kanji a lot just 5 new vocab.

Spreading them out both helps me to remember the kanji better if I learn them along with the vocab and also helps cut down on the number of vocab I have at the end of the level.

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