I think I made a mistake, should I reset?

So um…This is going to be awkward for a first post but here we goo… Short story: I was doing pretty well until I thought doing reviews under the influence of alcohol right after unlocking a bunch of stuff would be a good idea(in my mind if I’m going to remember kanji I should also be able to do it while inebriated), it was not. I made many many repeat mistakes and failed and now I have several items in my critical queue with requirements of like 10~20+ streaks to get them to guru. Honestly I think it wouldn’t have been that bad if I didn’t do that so I was wondering if resetting here would be a good idea or if I should stick with it since I do feel fairly comfortable with all of them now

Nothing can ever need a streak of more than 4 to reach guru. You can’t go back in progress past when you first unlocked them.

Take some time to look over the item pages and give it another go.


Ahh ok, looks like I got things confused. I thought I needed 100% progression of a particular kanji to level it up. ありがとございます

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