I made it and it feels kinda good!

I certainly recognize most of them, though I oftentimes have to actively try to remember readings and meaning. How much I know and how much I don’t know generally depends on the difficulty of what I’m reading.

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Big congrats for making it to level 60! :partying_face: :tada::cake:


Congrats! And thanks for taking the time to document your thoughts.

Very impressive to get through at that speed! I honestly can’t imagine doing 15 lessons per day.

I’m working on a dashboard script to help people (me in particular!) visualize and manage their lesson load, so I’m fascinated to compare our stats:

  zEUs RexUS
level 60 40
reviews 89,614 90,745
sessions 3,643 1,111
accuracy 94.65% 89.48%
review-hours 572h 427h
days since starting 605d 708d
reviews-per-day 148 128
seconds-per-review 23s 17s
seconds-per-question ~11.5s ~8.5s
minutes-per-day reviewing 57m 36m


  • You’re progressing much faster than me. (Duh! :grin: ) To be fair, I’m in no rush to “finish” and am very happy with my speed and level of retention.

  • You’re doing more review sessions per day than me (I only do one per day) and you spend almost twice as much time per day doing reviews. This may have contributed to your remarkable accuracy (and corresponding rapid progress).

  • We’ve done about the same number of reviews, but I’ve only progressed through 2/3 of the levels you have for the same amount of “work”. That is directly due to the lower accuracy (because you miss fewer, your items progress faster).

I’m curious if you plan to continue your daily reviews until you’ve burned the majority of the remaining 4210 items, or if you feel you’ve learned kanji well enough getting to level 60.

I’m also curious to hear your feeling on how well you know the 4850 items you’ve burned. Any desire to unburn any of those?


Hi RexUS,

what a cool analysis! I’m actually going to continue my reviews until my second yearly subscription runs out in April. Startig out I thought I’d buy lifetime at some point but finally decided against it. So now I have a clear end date where I’ll have to detach myself from WK and let go of the comfort of an all cared for SRS. I can imagine coming back to it someday, reactivating my subscription and redoing some levels, but only if I really feel like I’ve completely forgotten a certain portion of the Kanji (that I regularly encounter). I think I’ll be likely doing another type of SRS in the future like Anki or KameSame.

I really don’t feel any desire to unburn a single item, though to be frank some of them I sometimes don’t even recognize out in the wild. Due to how WK is made it sometimes happens that in a single burn session there are several items containing the same Kanji. And after I’ve failed the first one I know reading and meaning again so the other 5 get burnt despite me not truly knowing them. Which isn’t ideal. But ultimately I think I’m going to forget something anyway if I don’t read it regularly. So I decided to worry more about reading than about how good I know my burns.


Thanks! I’ve been spending a LOT of time with the API as I work on the newest version of my “GanbarOmeter” user script.

I dearly treasure large repositories of data that are meaningful to me: two years worth of my own review data endlessly fascinates me.

Ah, I forget that not everyone springs for the lifetime subscription. Your reasoning seems sound.

Interesting. I’m personally suspicious of my burn pile. I feel pretty confident with most of the items in there, but I’m pretty sure I’ll forget some without further reviews.

Yup. My Japanese reading tends to be occasional work and family related email, with pretty limited vocabulary to be honest. I’m trying to force myself to read more, but I’ve got so many competing interests!

That makes total sense. The whole point is reading! The SRS is just so danged efficient, though. Waiting for “common” kanji to come up “in the wild” (with my fairly narrow and limited reading) makes me nervous. The right answer is for me to force myself to read more. I wish I had the discipline!

(Also, my real name is Rex. The RexUS thing was just a joke based on your zEUs handle. I presume the EU was due to being based in Germany — I’m in California in the US. :slight_smile: )


Congratulations! It feels good to find people who’ve gone far into WK but who could not devote much time to reading, like I haven’t been able to.

That is something that’s getting at me. I’m almost doing the last bit here on WaniKani. I took the time to study N5 and N4 grammar but am far from the reading level I would’ve expected to achieve one and a half year in.

I’m likely to do as you’ve done, enjoying the extra time after level 60 to shift my time to reading more and more.



Congrats @zEUs_Japanese san :grin:

As informative, useful and entertaining as ever :metal:


Good luck on your future endeavors :crossed_fingers:

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