I have no clue what I'm doing

Hiragana and Katakana:


the link worked right for me, it sent me to this:

Definitely there are more resources there than anyone will ever use, at least in an effective manner. That’s why there is so many resources so hopefully you can find something that works for you, if you haven’t found it yet. I hope it didn’t overwhelm you, if you have a few good resources then definitely stick with those ^u^

My top 3 resources are Wanikani, Japanese Ammo with Misa (youtube channel) and Bunpro (the free trials worked really well for me, so im waiting until i can afford a subscription for it to use it, so im only doing the first two at the moment, when i can.


IMO, unless you are able to devote a solid hour to two to Wanikani every time you sit down, I would start breaking lessons into chunks done on different days. I plowed through all my lessons every single time and it got incredibly stressful and overbearing very very quickly. Unless you have the resolve to be incredibly adamant every single day and can stick to a strict schedule without letting hundreds to thousands of review items get to you, I would suggest to break your lessons into chunks. How big of chunks? That’s on you. I’ve currently doing 10 to 20 a day, and it’s feeling pretty comfortable to me.

Wanikani will actually send you an email at level 10 telling you that you’re at a good point to start learning grammar. You can obviously start before then, but going a little bit further before hopping into grammar will make things easier imo because you won’t be juggling trying to remember kanji readings while learning grammar, for the most part.

I’d say just hang on a bit longer and it will pay dividends when you start diving into grammar.

These are the opinions of person who did it the other way around and wishes he didn’t.

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yayyy I saved this in a word document. This will be helpful

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If you need a gentle introduction to learning Japanese give Japanese From Zero a look the pace is slow but it will give you a solid foundation. There are over 100 YouTube videos to go with the book. I love this series and the teacher, George is one of the best in my opinion.
Welcome to Japanese DAY 1! | Japanese From Zero! Video 01 - YouTube Here is a link to the first video. Good luck.

Glad to help! :slight_smile: :blush:

Don’t worry @_Karate - if you’ve gotten to level 6, you’ve spent at least 2 months memorising how to read and say hundreds of Japanese words -that’s an impressive feat that you should congratulate yourself on daily! Japanese for non-Japanese natives is incredibly difficult!

Wanikani is an excellent platform for you to use mnemonics to memorise kanji and vocab. You were probably skeptical that imagining stories to memorise meanings and sounds would work, but it does doesn’t it? The brain is a wondrous thing - try and remember something just with words and it won’t stick. Try and remember it with a story that makes you laugh or makes you angry or makes you scared and it’s hard to forget, right?

That’s what Wanikani does. It gives you those funny, scary, weird stories to remember how to read AND say Japanese words! The SRS bit takes care of getting you to remember at the right time so that it sticks in your memory a bit more.

You might have noticed that a word comes back
in your reviews gradually later and later - 4, 8, 24, 48 hours to be exact - that’s because your brain is just about to forget it and studies have shown that that is exactly when you should try and remember it!

Keep going - keep recording those stories in your imagination. When you read some Japanese text like manga or a newspaper and you see a word you recognise, that feeling of “I know what that means!” will be enough to keep pushing you onto the next level, I promise :blush:

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