Huge backlog for the new year, a lesson in using vacation mode

I had over 1,000 reviews in a my backlog :frowning:

Fell off the wagon a couple months ago when I went on vacation. Ended up falling into the trap of “I’ll deal with them at the weekend” (and never doing so) for many weeks.

I’m glad to see I trudged through the entire backlog this last week :partying_face:. I’ve got my reviews back down to a manageable daily level and should start doing lessons again in the new year.

The lesson I’ve learned? Use vacation mode. It’s there for a reason. I would have had lower success rates with my apprentice level cards when I came back, but it would have been infinitely better than a horrendously demotivating mountain of reviews.

Praise the crabbigator :crabigator:


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