How to study Japanese as a Beginner

It’s not. it might be nought for n5 vocab, but unclear at level, as the WK stats page only lists the kanji progression (and since it’s really not set in stone either, not for kanji either)

Best is to do some vocab cramming using a different app here. Kanji isn’t really a priority for n5.

For grammar, any of the books that are constantly brought up on these forums are fine. It’s just about personal preference I feel and whether you have access to a study group/peers or are studying completely on your own. You’ll find several comparison on here if you just search the forums for textbooks.

Otherwise, doing listening comprehension is a must, especially if you’re a beginner as it can be very confusing at first. It really is about exposure and experience which takes time to acquire. No getting around it really.

So, pick any media you like and keep at it until you can wrap your head/ears around the sounds/words. Then keep on doing it until you feel more confident in yourself and move onto something harder and harder. You’ll get there! :+1:

As for ideas for what to use for listening practice: there is this thread:

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