How to approach nanori?

Yes but for “normal” vocab you can still use “kanji become words” as a very useful crutch to boost your vocabulary and guess the meaning of unknown words (and remember them). I mean that’s the entire idea behind wanikani really.

I find that for that vocab as I become more familiar with the words I start remembering them on their own without the kanji, sometimes to the point where I can’t readily remember with what kanji they’re spelled. That’s when I know that I’ve truly learned the vocab…


Yeah… from experience of learning vocabulary from manga/novels/etc. I would say it can be surprising often enough to have to refer to a dictionary before writing it off as AB = A + B :smiley: .

I would say you know the word if you know which kanji is used to write it, because 熟語 and synonyms using the same kanji can be extremely useful when explaining something to someone or vice versa, but YMMV.

Oh yeah, if I can’t remember the kanji I look it up, I meant more that if I start thinking of the word on its own instead of a sequence of kanji it means that it’s really becoming part of my actual vocabulary.

It’s a bit similar to how you stop needing mnemonics to remember the meaning/reading of a kanji. I remember struggling to remember the readings for 上 at first, but now they spring to mind effortlessly (well, for the common ones at least…)

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Ah, I get it, thanks! I usually have the opposite problem - I hear a word and can’t always immediately link it to the kanji so I don’t necessarily know its meaning right away. But yeah, when I hear 情報 and 結果 I first link the meaning and a bit later the kanji.

Haha うえ is a little tricky to read in context if that’s what you’re referring to as well?