How Many Lessons Per Day

The number of lessons I do has fluctuated greatly over the course of my time doing WK, from 5 to 21 lessons each morning - finding an amount that is sustainable over the long run, including when things outside WK are less than smooth-running, has been my biggest challange.

I found that there was an imbalance in mental workload between radical & kanji lessons and vocab lessons, so I recently installed this lesson filter script. This allows me to do some radicals &/or kanji, plus a good chunk of vocab each day. I have only filled in the batch and vocab numbers so the rads/kanji filter in according to what is lined up by WK.

Just yesterday I did a bit of number crunching to figure out the best ratio of vocab to rads/kanji and will adjust that every 10 levels as the proportions change considerably between initial and end levels. It’s not elegant, but if you’re interested…

Excel chart of items, levels, ratios