How long does it take to get to level 60? Doing everything available, everyday

Read his post:

Well, if you’re already got N2, I don’t think WK is necessary, and there is no need to get LingoDeer.

I’m not sure if I understand your intention correctly. If not I’m so sorry.

But what I mean is; I assume that his goal would be passing N2 because N3 and lower are not really helpful to fufill his goal in using Japanese in his profession.

So if he’s studying Japanese with passing N2 as his goal. I think Wanikani is good for that. It’s because by the time he’s ready for taking N2 test he should reach the level 40+ which cover almost every Kanji in N2 test.

If he just start his Japanese learning Journey or at the beginning. I’m pretty sure he would be level 60 on Wanikani before he’s ready for N2 test.

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I think after a basic grammar foundation established you should just. Do immersion + kanji + sentence mining.

Although you can do that from day one.

And I wouldnt aim at listening to “easy stuff”. More like listen to what you like. Let’s the immersion do the work

It’s not about “practicing japanese”, it’s about using it. You can start reading or gaming at any level imo if there are atleast audio. ( I mean that how many people I know that learned english that way. << Neither am I a native in the shakespearean toungue. Mostly watched and gamed in that linguo. Why is Japanese on a pedastal lol. )

Pokemon ( the older game ) are kana only

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Hey, I don’t know how much my opinion matters to you or if you’ll see this, but this is my two cents.

It feels slow in the beginning, but before long the pace gets faster. I’d wait until around level 10 before deciding that it is too slow for you.

The thing is, for spaced repetition to work, you can’t rush the “spaced” part. And so naturally your reviews are going to be spaced out and you can’t rush them.

You could rush new lessons. And granted, WaniKani does limit you by level in that regard. However, I think once things get going you’ll find the new lessons available to be enough, it not overwhelming.

There’s so much more to studying Japanese than just kanji that if you’ve got time left over after WaniKani, I’d highly recommend doing anything else. Work on grammar, listening, reading, anything.

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