How long did it take to get to your current level?


oooooooohhh that’s what that date means?
Well at least I’m smart now. Thanks.


About 6 months to reach level 14. Feels like I’m going really slow, but my brain just can’t seem to absorb more than 15 items a day (maybe 20 if they’re vocabulary that don’t have exceptional readings). After 15 lessons I start getting sleepy and can’t keep my eyes open. About 93% overall accuracy rate on reviews. Zero burns yet.



I was speeding until level 31, when I burned out, so I slowed down, but recently I started speeding again!


Just under 2 years if you ignore the beginning where I registered but didn’t bother using it immediately because I had been working insane hours. I started using the reorder addon in the 40s and ended up resetting to re-review everything from just before I started using the reorder add on. But until then, this is inclusive of all the vocabulary and kanji.

Mind you, I work a full time job, have a 2 hour total commute, plus a small rambunctious child so … I think I did ok.


You finished level 60 and then reset to before level 40? Why?
I’m planning on redoing everything once I finish wanikani, but on kaniwani instead that way I can redo it and get something more out of it.


The review reorder add on, mostly - I installed it around level 46 or 47, forgot exactly when. I started ignoring vocab in favor of levelling up and by the time I hit 60, felt that I had a much weaker grasp of the last 15 or so levels because of it, so reset - I know a lot of people here ignore vocab, but I found it really did help reinforce readings with the kanji. Also, had nearly 2500 reviews at the end and while I brought it down to 1500 at some point, felt it would just be easier to re-review everything from pre reorder and went back to 45 for a bit, then further back to 40 just to clear out some of the backlog.

Since this is a lifetime account, I’m in no particular rush, especially since I take classes and that goes much more slowly since it’s once a week - I made it to N4 in classes in the same amount of time it took me to get to level 60 in WK. I started KW from the beginning recently, but to focus very heavily on production since my classes emphasizes speaking and listening comprehension.


About 8 years


Level 16 only took three years.
I’m happy to pay WK just for showing me that learning Japanese can be only half as hard as I thought it would be yet require twice as much effort as I’m wiling to put in.


Way too much time. I somehow stopped using Wanikani for 3 years, and somehow started to use it again. I guess that’s a negative side effect of being a lifetime user.

I try not to think about it because it’s kind of depressing. Even though I started learning Japanese 10 years ago and lived in Japan for about a year, I would barely pass N2.

Did I win the longest break contest? I hope so!


I think you win. Some of us have spent 4-5 years on level 1, but I don’t think that counts as a break (since we never even started).


I started last September, but spent the first 20 days not knowing I needed to go on the website (thought it was an app) so I guess I started properly in October. That would mean It took me about 10 months to reach level 40.

I recently had to slow down because the daily reviews were getting too much, spent a couple of days getting all my lessons done and feel a lot better for it. It’s hard to resist leveling up for long though!


I believe @Naphthalene is still winning :stuck_out_tongue:


I started in mid Nov 17, so ~8.5 months to do 33 levels.


I dont’ think a level 1 break is a break at all
Let the kid win this one


Ohhh, “break”. I skipped that part for some reason I’m so sorry @bm01 D:::::::::::::::::


“Kid”… Ha! I wish.


I was checking and seems I finished the first 40 levels in exactly 9 months, that’s OCD satisfying



I reached level 24 in just under 10 months. I hope to finish level 30 by my WaniKanniversary (10th of Dec), and I seem to be on track!

I finished level 23 in 7d12h, though most levels have been around 9/10 days, with a couple of lesson breaks on certain levels (midpainfuls, anyone?), and one 1 week vacation mode.


To get to level 45 took me 5 years minus seven months (for about three months or so I was overwhelmed and burnt out by study abroad, a stint of college senioritis, and also working part-time and the backlog developed from that). So more like four years and five months. Ha. I’ve done about one level per month, so my average is 25 days when I take out the outliers. Could be worse… Tbh this is about the pace I expected. These past couple of months I haven’t been doing reviews on the weekends. If I did I think I would be doing 2-week levels again. I think another thing that has affected me is that since the backlogs developed, I have been very conservative about adding new vocabulary to avoid a too-rapid pace (keeping apprentice level items below 130 or so - and I didn’t even have the reorder script!) and that has slowed me down. I may change that. I want to be mostly done with WK by the summer of next year.


This is super impressive, clearing each level in about 8 days more or less. How much time do you think you spent on this per-day? And how would you consider your Kanji knowledge?