How fast can you learn N1/N2

I attended back in 2002 to 2007 and they didn’t have Japanese then. I doubt they have it now but you could check what courses they have available online. If you are in the Richmond area, the University of Richmond does have a Japanese language program. Back before VCU made it to the final four, VCU was a lot cheaper than U of R. I have no idea which is cheaper these days.

VCU was part of the ISEP program and I’d guess still participates now. Their international office is probably still somewhere on Franklin street.

Since you attended (haven’t graduated?) a school in Virginia, another option is to get your GPA up to a 3.0 and then transfer to another school in Virginia (like William and Mary). If regulations haven’t changed, all schools in Virginia must accept a transfer from another Virginia school as long as that student has a 3.0 GPA. Once you get in to William and Mary, start the process for a transfer to Keio. That might take some time to pull off but admission to Keio is worth the wait.

Oh wow, I actually had no idea about the transfer requirement. That would have been a cool path to take! But it’s far too late for me, lol. I attended from 2005-2010 and then moved across the country for work. But hey, if you ever went to anime club meets during those years, we may have crossed paths! Small world. :grin:

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but can you not live in campus when you are in university, and pay it afterwards from the student loan? I mean if not, then learning the language will definitely help me find a job that I can do part time while going to university.

To be honest if you’re not going to get support from your parents, money might be your biggest concern. I don’t see why Japan would give foreigners student loans, so you might have to pay the fees upfront, or get some sort of loan with high interest rates :grimacing:


I will try to find it out, as in the UK, we usually pay afterwards. So we go to university, then if we manage to graduate, we have to pay the amount back monthly, but it is such a small amount monthly you won’t even realise it. And you only need to pay it back if you managed to get a job that pays you well enough. I think you need to get a job that is £20,000 per year, otherwise you don’t need to pay back the loan, as you didn’t manage to get a job paying you well enough after the given course. This is what I am comparing Japan to, but will most definitely research it. I also saw that most universities are private.

Yep - I think a lot of countries tend to provide that sort of service for their own citizens or permanent residents, and I’m sure Japan does too.

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