How effective is reading practice without SRSing newly encountered vocab/grammar?

I think it depends a bit on how often you are reading.
My usual method is that I read without SRSing, and I pick up a lot of vocabulary that way. But I read every day, so I see common words frequently and it ends up working kind of like a natural SRS.
If you are only reading occasionally/only in very small amounts it might not be as easy to remember things without the help of an SRS - but even so, its not going to hurt! I find I learn much better when I’m enjoying myself, and I enjoy reading a lot more than I enjoy flashcards!

I do occasionally add words to an SRS, but only if I look up a word and feel like its going to be rare that I encounter it naturally in the media I am consuming, but feel like it would be useful to me personally. Like vocabulary that relates to my job or hobbies.

Definitely give reading a try! And perhaps come and join all the friendly people in the 📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂!