How does Wanikani choose the vocab it teaches?

I’ve noticed that I am learning a lot of baseball vocabulary (which I’ve never used in my native language or in English :joy:) and it made me wonder: how does Wanikani decide what to teach you?


The ways of the Crabigator may seem strange and inexplainable at times


They teach you vocab that has the kanji in it in combination with other kanji you already know, so they are kinda limited on choices of words. I think the focus is more to remember the readings through obscure vocab rather than having useful vocab.


They’re supposed to be useful vocab that help reinforce the kanji readings. It’s just a little weird because “useful” depends on the person. They have baseball vocab because baseball is popular in Japan, and someone who is learning Japanese might be interested in it (the same reason why they have vocab about sumo, military words, other cultural stuff, etc).


Well, the baseball levels are clearly the brain-child of @koichi’s genius and madness. There is nothing more to understand there, than the need to learn to love to watch Japanese baseball, like, since yesterday! :joy:


I really suck at a lot of the baseball/military terms and as someone who will never need 90% of them, they are probably my most hated words.

I think there isn’t an overarching logic or reason to the vocab, but the more I live here the more I realize that vocab is more common in every day conversation or there is a 外来語 replacement for it. Baseball is stupid popular, and while I am not a baseball fan, my buddy is and I think learning those terms helped me at least as him questions about it.

Oh, same here! At this point, I’ve set most of them to automatically answer correctly and just skip them :joy:

Oh that’s a good point. Sometimes sports terms are also used as phrases in everyday language.

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