How do I put all the enlightened vocab and kanji back to master or guru without having to wait the 120 days?

You can demote Burn items back to Apprentice, but looking at item cards of items not yet burned, I’m not even sure you can demote an item that’s not at Burn in vanilla WK. Unless I’m overlooking something, of course.

What I don’t really understand is that you say these items progressed to Enlightened a week ago, so your knowledge of them can’t actually be that bad. You remembered them enough to get them up there after a period that was far longer than a week. Correct me if I misread your post. :slight_smile:

All I can think to advise is the self-study script and potentially the add-on script additional filters, since I always forget which you need for which type of quizzes.

This way you can quiz just items in your Enlightened queue.