How do I know which Kanji I haven't passed yet?

Hey there :slight_smile:
I’m at the verge of level 4 - 26 of 28 kanjis passed.
However, I see this state since a few days now, doing my reviews each day.
I wonder where I can see those I still didn’t pass. :thinking: Do you have a trick for that?

Also, what actually does - pass - mean? Getting them to Guru State or just correctly reviewing them for a few times?

Lastly, why does my level still show 2 in this community? I even got. an email with congrats that I’m level 3 now - it’s confusing lol

Thanks so much to all of you for reading and possibly helping a dummy out <3


It should be visible in the main view of the WaniKani web app. There is a section with all of the kanji listed.

Yes, getting them to Guru stage.

You need to relog into the forums. Your badge has not been updated.


You are a hero :heartbeat: thank you so much

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Just to add to what’s been said, when reaching later levels and wanting to check in on which kanji are overall yet in Apprentice, a trick that I use oftentimes is go to

wkstats > Items > Wanikani
and sort by: SRS Stage > Item Type > Level
(with “Locked” SRS Stage toggled off)

This will show you all kanji that are still in Apprentice from the current and previous levels. :slight_smile:


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