How do I edit my profile text?

Everything has changed since I’ve been gone for a few months, I’ve been looking and poking around my Preferences tab for like 10 minutes and I haven’t yet seen where I can edit my profile text.

Go here and change your About text


Edit: Darn you @Kumirei! You’re just too fast!!

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thank you both! … I guess the preferences tab is for the forum only? this will teach me not to take any more breaks XD

Yeah, since the change up it’s handled slightly different. The forums are a bit less integrated than they used to be.

休暇はだめ<t(=_=t) Screw you 10 character limit>

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I didn’t take a break for happy reasons, but yea, definitely not taking any more breaks in the future ^^;;;

It happens. Welcome back, by the way!

(and the change to your profile here may take a while… the small change I made to my about still hasn’t kicked in yet… Soo… I don’t quite know what the deal with that is…)