How can I make WaniKani take less time?

One script aimed specifically at reducing review time, is [UserScript] WaniKani Lightning Mode, which automatically moves you on to the next review on a corrct answer. Saves having to click enter twice, but also doesn’t allow you to look at the item info during review, if you’re curious about something. Some scripts already have Lightning Mode incorporated, too, like [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x). This one is handy if you tend to make a lot of typos, because you try to go too fast. You can redo your wrong answer right away. But of course this brings with it a potential for abuse.

There are also a bunch of good apps you can use so you can review on the go comfortably, which can help you fit reviews into those little pockets of time when you have nothing to do, but not enough time to sit down and study properly. I use Flaming Durtles. (Which I believe also has Anki Mode reviews, but that is not necessarily recommended, because we never grade ourselves as harshly as WK would…)

I do want to add, that on the whole WK is a great tool to sink a bit more time into. You’ll see gains from doing WK pretty much every step of the way across all the platforms you use to study.