How can I connect sentences together using something equivalent to "or"?

I know that you can use か in a sentence as the Japanese equivalent to “or” between two nouns, but what do I use when I want to connect two sentences together in a similar way? An example of the type of sentence I’d want to say in Japanese is “Either I run, or you swim”. (As a side question, can you use か between adjectives like you can with nouns?)

I actually had the same problem, so I asked a native and their suggestions were または or あるいは.

または and あるいは are, of course, not wrong, but I think それか is the most natural in casual conversation.

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

I think I may have seen または before as 又は, but is it just more standard to write it without the kanji in this case?

You would be correct.

Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying!

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