Hiragana and katakana

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I just started the free levels. I can see why this works great! But should I study hiragana and katakana first? And what’s your favorite method? I’m using Dr. Moku’s apps now.

Yes, you should stop what you are doing and go learn hiragana and then katakana right now! You can learn them both in a very short space of time, especially compared with Kanji. Once you’ve got the basics down, the hiragana you will come across in Wanikani will help solidify the characters in your mind. Katakana can be tricky as you won’t see it as much, unless you’re actually in Japan, but there are plenty of apps out there to practice (some are linked in the lesson below).

I thoroughly recommend these lessons which use a similar mnemonic system to Wanikani:

and then


Yes, the ultimate guides meadowdrone linked are great resources, get on them straight away. Prioritise hiragana if you don;t have much free time but don’t neglect katakana as you don’t see so much so it’s easier to forget.

Still do the first radical lessons and reviews on WK and you’ll be good enough with kana to do the first kanji lessons by the time they come round.

Dr. Moku is a fantastic resource! Try memorize it as soon as you can and practice writing with the correct stroke order. Don’t forget the combination hiragana and dakuten!


Thanks guys! Those guides look good.

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