Help with initial confusion, resources and best practice

Had a look at the first PDF today, seems good! I think I’m leaning more towards Genki right now just because I’d like the actual book in front of me and the workbook to use and practice with. Feel like it gives me structure and sanity! I’m not totally sure yet though and will keep looking over both a bit longer. Genki isn’t cheap anyway so I have time to think!

Used this a bit today, just the free stuff of course. Clicking words and having it all explained is nice so far. The initial intro stuff seems strong even without any knowledge since it explains what’s going on quite well. Will be good to use alongside study I think!


I am so grateful for you sharing this!! :smiley:

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I’m glad you find this information useful.
You can find more resources (free and paid) in this thread.

New questions! I’ve progressed a bit further, decided on genki and I’m learning the ropes. I’ve been looking at the other resources mentioned and realised everything costs money. Lingodeer, Satori, LinQ, Wani. My question is if any of these is a very big help and totally worth it, rather than get all 4. I have Wani, Genki and the free resources. Is any of these really worth the cost and worth considering?

Satori Reader is definitely worth the cost. I wouldn’t subscribe until you have worked through a few chapters of Genki, though, it would probably be too difficult as an absolute beginner. I wouldn’t bother with apps like Lingodeer if money is a concern. I recommend using Wanikani and Genki and free graded readers for reading until you’re ready for Satori.


Satori Reader is great for starting to read carefully curated stories if you are a bit further down the line, it has great stories!
I generally really like LingQ though, it has so much content and you can even add your own. There is actually a lot of stuff for any level of japanese, especially the beginner stories can be really helpful in the beginning as they are designed to teach the language without prior knowledge and get quite advanced for what they are in my opinion.
If you want complete stories → Satori Reader
If you want lots and lots of content and are a beginner → LingQ

Don’t bother with the SRS in both of these though, it takes a lot of time away from actually reading and listening. :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks for the input!

What sort of complete stories does Satori have? A typical novel style with main characters or is it just writing about day to day things? What would I expect to keep my interest other than the whole learning part? :smiley:
As for LinQ, some of it is free at first and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried. Caps out very quick on words to register that are tricky but does seem very solid too. I’ll closely look over both Satori and LinQ

I think you can also start using Satori Reader for free. There are several different stories you can follow.

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I think the first 3 chapters on Satori Reader are free for all stories, as mentioned by the user above me. :slight_smile:
It has lots odf different stories, fantasy, detective, every day life… pretty much what you would expect from a thin book! I think there are also special grammar stories and such stuff on there, but I honestly never looked into that.

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