Help - Wani Counts my answer wrong

I usually use the app Tsurukame, but lately I’ve been wanting to try out scripts and use a computer for my reviews. It keeps counting my answers incorrect when they aren’t. It’s looking for the other reading, so shouldn’t it just somehow prompt me and say it is looking for the other one? Otherwise how am I to know? I’m missing something, I just don’t know what. You may say it’s not counting it incorrect, but it sure feels like it is!

press f to see why.
I believe the answer is おもて
which is one very specific word, meaning there is no other reading.
(The purple background tells you that its a word that consist only of 表)
and well, you would know because you obviously did the lesson so yeah


For “vanilla” WK, that reading for 表 is incorrect (in the presented context, thanks for clarifying @athomasm). You can get a userscript that adds functionality similar to Tsurukame (asking for on/kun, not marking the alternate reading wrong, etc.), but…

The general (though not absolute) rule is that the kanji on WK will want the onyomi (especially true for words with many associated vocab), while the individual character vocabs (vocab with just one 漢字) will want the kunyomi. It is important to learn the different readings as well as when you should be using one over the other, real life won’t give you nice reminders like Tsurukame.

Tofugu article with some guidelines on when to use what reading

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To be more correct, the answer is simply wrong. The word ひょう is not a valid reading for the word 表, it’s おもて like Emiloow said.

It’s really why people should focus on learning words not mashing together readings.


Purple background means vocabulary word. Those usually have one particular reading, with very few exceptions (一日 is an example of such exception).

As for kanji, which is pink background, providing alternative reading (on vs kun or kun vs on) will result in a shake and clarification which reading WK will look for.

This is all on vanilla WK website.


I literally have always used the app since I started wanikani, so I have never had to think about which reading to use. If the one I entered isn’t the one it’s asking for, I just jump to the next one! I don’t even pay attention to the background color or think about what it means. The app has coddled me! All I knew is it is asking for a reading, and there are multiple readings. OK, background color is KEY. I will try to start paying attention.


I’ve never used the app, and indeed this behavior sounds too permissive. Maybe there is a setting to adjust.


Yeah, you definitely want to be more careful so that you learn the proper readings for words. This will be highly important if you ever start speaking because you could end up confusing your listener if you don’t use the correct pronunciation of a word.

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:joy: Seriously though, it sounds dangerous.

Do some lessons on the website and see what you’re supposed to do. When the screen is Pink, it’s simply Kanji and will require the reading you were taught in the Lesson. Vocabulary is Purple, and almost, always uses a new reading that you learn in the reading section.

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