*headdesk* Answering when distracted

When I’m at home, I prefer to use the web version, and thus don’t have the “you screwed up” re-do script running.

Does anyone else do the thing where you put the reading instead of the meaning as the answer?
I usually catch myself from doing the reverse, because kana, but…

(I also don’t know which scripts to run or how to install them, but that’s for another day)


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I tried searching for scripts, and didn’t see this post, thanks for the link!

Install WaniKani Override and it’ll be fine! There’s an updated version that works in newer browsers and uses Escape as a shortcut key.

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Thanks, I was trying to avoid “cheats” but… I get frustrated when I’m tired from work, and just want to do some reviews, and /DING/ WRONG!

Hah, I feel you. I’ve done reviews when my head was so far up in the clouds, I should’ve already died from asphyxiation. Once, I was so distracted, I gave up on a review pile and waited until tomorrow to do them. My progress reset, so I was able to level up some items that I had previously gotten wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:
I generally don’t like using cheats when it comes to learning, though. I’m trying to train myself to recognize the kanji/vocab/radical even when distracted- that’s how second-nature I want it to be. (That’s why I don’t really like using learning tools that rely on the honor system, like JALUP Next, Reading the Kanji, Anki, etc.)

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