Green dot information


when you pass a review, on the dashboard a grey block underneath the item turns green. When all of the blocks are green, the item has moved to guru level. Simple!

But why are some of the blocks connected?
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 7.15.42 pm

It doesn’t seem to affect the behaviour, does it convey any additional information?


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I can’t say I’ve ever seen this myself. As you say. There should be 5 dots and when they are all done, you guru the item and it becomes one green line.

It looks really odd to me. Perhaps something to get the Wanikani team to answer for you. :thinking: You can @ the mods if you want answers.


Looks like a visual bug, for me they are always disconnected (unless I get the item all the way to guru, then all 5 dots merge together into a single green line).


Mine are all separate; what platform are you seeing this on?

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What happens if you zoom in and out? It looks like it could be a resolution issue, or something like that (notice how both rows have dots merged together at the same spots).


Interference from a script, perhaps?

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will tinker around and see if there’s a cause, but my main question is solved - it’s not deliberate and there’s no additional meaning to ‘wide’ v ‘narrow’ blocks.

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