This thing looks awesome. I’m all but certain I’ll be subscribing very soon. I read in the “getting started” section that level five is a good time to start grammer and level 20 is a good time to start trying to read things but when do I start trying to listen to things? (anime) And also any good ideas where to learn grammer? (hopefully free)

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You might as well start learning grammar now. If you need a free resource, I recommend these two:
Introduction – Learn Japanese

Here’s a whole list of resources for grammar, listening, and a lot more.


It’s never to early to start Grammer.

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A good quick overview of sentence structure before diving into another grammar source:

Awesome thankyou.

Fair enough.

Thank you.




It’s never too early to start watching anime~

Getting yourself familiar with their pronounciation and pitch accent early is never bad.
If you’re not into anime, then dorama or other TV show can do too (^ω^)

It’ll be a long, long time before you’re really able to listen to and understand something, but don’t let that stop you from actively listening to the japanese media you do consume. Hearing things you recognize in context can only help.

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