Googling Japanese words you already know to see if they contain a newly learnt kanji is super fun

For example when I learnt the ‘advance’ kanji and its reading Susumu I wondered if the musician Susumu Hirasawa used the kanji and lo and behold his name did! Similarly when I learnt the Katachi reading for the Form kanji I immediately googled to check if the anime/manga Koe no Katachi used the kanji and it was pretty cool to see that it did :smiley:

Anyone else have cool examples of this occurring to them?


Yeah I do this all the time! Susumu Hirasawa was my go to mnemonic here! It’s also in the name of Susumu Terajima (寺島 進), which also helped me remember that 寺ーてらーtemple.

Likewise Shigesato Itoi (重里糸井) creator of Earthbound uses 3 readings taught in wanikani. This is actually a great tip!


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