Getting back into it and considering applying some AJATT methods, any advice/opinions?

Have you read over Refold’s simple roadmap and maybe sections 0 and 1 of their detailed roadmap?

Oftentimes learners who try this find that they just memorize where to find what they need to access, and don’t actually gain anything from it. This is because often the kanji and terms are basically incomprehensible input.

Alongside Satori Reader, if you want to try a more intensive method of rapid progress for reading, I recommend:

  1. Skim through Tae Kim’s grammar guide or watch the first 15 to 20 of Cure Dolly’s “Japanese From Scratch” Youtube video series. (Don’t stop there, but this is just to help get you started if you’re not already there on grammar yet.)

  2. Read a previous or upcoming book or manga our Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the WaniKani Community forums. You can learn a lot of grammar in the discussion threads, there are vocabulary lists for quicker lookup of unknown words, and you can always ask questions in the discussion threads. Those who stick with it often find they make amazing progress after one or two volumes.