Genkai wo Koeru or Kairu


After playing smash ultimate i looked up wat cloud says after his limit break

However on google i found out its 限界を越える (genkai wo koeru), but no matter how many times i here him say this its really sounds like he says genkai wo kairu.

The question am having is, i am just really bad at listening or do i pronounce “oe” sound always wrong

thx in advance.

Guess this doesn’t help much, but I hear こえる fine.


Yes, unfortunately.越える you can listen to the audio here
Here’s声 for reference, and then回


after countless hours of anime i thought i could at least differentiate japanese sounds… guess not good enough yet haha,

those reference words really helped, i can here it there just fine, after listening to the youtube clip a few more time i guess i hear it a little now, still very difficult though


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