FLAMING DURTLES - How to turn on Anki mode?

Hey, I’m sorry for creating a new topic about Flaming Durtles. I just really can’t find out how to turn on Anki mode in this app. I asked the same question in Flaming Durtles topic. I also asked this in Google Play and sent email to developer. But got no answer.

I know that this question is a bit stupid. There probably is some very obvious and easy way to turn on that Anki mode. I just don’t notice it.

If someone could answer, I’d really appreciate that.

There’s really no need to open a seperate thread after just 20 hours since your post in the app’s thread. I posted a reply in the main thread with pictures.


Go to settings–> enable advanced settings–> review advanced settings. this has buttons to turn on anki mode. If this is what you did before, then I can’t help, I’ve never used Anki mode.

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Oh yeah, no response in less than 24 hours is nothing to fret about.


Thank you for answers. And I’m sorry. I was not very active in this forum. And I was not sure how long I should wait. Next time I’ll be more patient. I’ll delete this thread later.

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Don’t worry about it.