Finally made the leap. Im a lifetime sub <3

Hell yeah, known about Wanikani for like 8 years maybe. Tried many methods, even studied in Japan for over a year at a language school. And I always hated learning kanji was the f worst lol. Now that I maxed out the free trial, I realized this is the only method I ever enjoyed learning with.

Wanikani is whats up! Took advantage of the 100$ off discount, and decided that this needed to happen. I’m moving back to Japan next year going to live in the country side lol. I need to know my kanji so, looking forward to spending a looooooong time learning with yall. <3



Sounds like we are in a similar place in Wanikani! I just got the lifetime subscription today, as well, and am looking forward to moving on up in the levels and learning lots more kanji than I’ve studied before in other contexts. WK does seem like a fun way to study my weakest point in Japanese!


Welcome to the purple club my friend. I’d say good choice junior but it sounds like you’ve been studying longer than I have. Anyways, it’s worth it!


I just purchased the lifetime subscription today too! So excited to finally use Wanikani’s full potential ^^


Haha! Much hugs fellow kanji newbies <3 Lets do this!

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Same, just bought the lifetime subscription, may the Crabigator Bless us.
Edit: tbh i am glad that I didn’t chose the recurring subscription since the conversion charges are quite high for my currency.

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Awesome! My wife and I are planning on moving to Japan in the next 3-4 years hopefully.

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I don’t have enough money to buy the lifetime right now, lol. My free levels are almost up, and I’m just gonna do the regular monthly subscription. I hope to save up enough by next Christmas for lifetime.

Anyway, good luck everyone!


I also went for the discounted lifetime account. have been using wanikani everyday for months and it has truly been one of the best tools for me personally. I find it magical how I’m able to read some things finally! So for me it will be worth the investment :slight_smile:

Congrats on the lifetime, enjoy your learning journey!

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