Extra Study Mode

Love the concept, will try it out, thanks a lot

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Really glad that this has been added officially now! I’ve used scripts before, but none of them where quiet as nice as a “native” implementation.

A useful study group in my opinion would be “visually similar Kanji”. This is what I mess up the most.
For example confusing 宇 with 宅 or 鎌 with 嫌, 謙,…


cool. maybe this will finally help me remember that 占 is せん and not 点 which is てん… unless its the other way round and I’ve messed it up again (╬▔皿▔)╯


Yay, more studying!
no, really! :smile:



This is looking really good!


I almost wanna start over again! Almost…:sweat_smile:


That was a great addition.
Hope I can lower my leeches now!

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Love it! I think this might help me go a little fast as I was slowing down my lessons knowing I was failing all the new words for a day or two, but a quick way to review them all might let me ramp up a bit

*Edit :Actually I’m taking back my initial comment lol. This is a great idea! But I will never use it the way it’s set up right now, because it’s not randomized and it doesn’t have any way to let you take it in chunks. Right now I have 53 recent lessons. If i go back and review the first ten, then stop, when I return an hour or two later I’ll still have to go through those same first ten before I get to the other 40, and same for recent mistakes. I tend to do WK in shorter chunks throughout the day, so having to do 60 reviews at once for it to work just isn’t going to get used by me often.(Also wish it included audio.)

Outstanding. It’s scary how much I like Wanikani already, and it keeps getting better. :slight_smile:

The description seems pretty definitive: “Practice done here won’t count toward regular Reviews, but will count toward making your memory stronger!”.

I’m pretty sure that means extra study does not create any review records nor update any of the SRS stage info. This jibes with Koichi’s comments about it not “messing up” the SRS.

The two “extra study” queues are recent lessons and recent mistakes. My expectation is that actually performing “extra study” will not affect either queue, and that the only way to affect those queues is with real lessons and reviews. In other words, I think it behaves much like the self-study quiz userscript (with those two predefined queues).


yo dawg i heard you like reviews, so we put reviews in your reviews so you can review while you review.


For Recent Mistakes, it’s a rolling 24hr window, so you’ll have at least 24hrs to review them. But it only updates the window when you do your SRS reviews. So, if you make some mistakes, then go on vacation for 1 week, your last 24hrs worth of mistakes will still be there waiting for you, until you do your next SRS review.

For Recent Lessons, they stay in the queue until you Guru them.

Technically, yes, that can happen… but it is only likely to happen for Apprentice items. And remember, failing an item in SRS simply means that you needed to see the item more often, and that’s exactly what you’ll already be doing with Extra Study.

But if you’re still worried about it, you could stick to doing Extra Study just after your SRS reviews, rather than before.

We have a lot of ideas for additions to Extra Study, and these are among them.

No, Extra Study doesn’t send anything to the server.


Great update! It would also be great if we could use filters like “Kanji Only” or “Vocab Only”. I tend to mess up more on kanji, so it would be a nice way to study without going through vocabs and radicals.

Edit: This is only for extra study, not the main one.


This looks great. Thank you, WK team!!

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Yaassss, awesome update!

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Thank you so much! Was using the self-study quiz now and then so far, but this heavily lowers the entry barrier for me to go and tackle recent leeches.
Excited to see what other script functionalities and requirements you implement into this!

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I love this feature. Especially when I get something that was at Enlightened wrong once and it drops to Guru 2 (I think that is the system) I still don’t see it for a couple of days again. Plus, it is really good for my current confusion of 温 and 湯.

One question, what does “recent” mean for Mistakes? It a period of time, or does it clear after you get it correct again a couple of times?

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Doesn’t help the so many of us that have actual problems with leeches and SRS timings that aren’t ideal for the individual. It’s the only real problem with WK…there are a million scripts and what not but that all requires separate study beyond reviews…bunpro addressed this issue with ghost reviews … maybe it’s not perfect but it includes additional reviews as you fail w/o messing up the SRS cycles and is better than nothing, you can even remove them or suspend them manually if you wanted to).

Kitsun lets you suspend cards, change SRS timings, Anki also…In general SRS systems provide some way to manage leeches.

“Maybe one day” is the same sort of excuse for ignoring what is a major deficit (my opinion) with the WK platform and the reason I no longer recommend WK to anyone…until WK implements a built-in leech manager I can’t in good conscious recommend it. It is a great platform but if someone is going to potentially drown in leeches… won’t knowingly subject anyone to that.

So many people have made suggestions over the years (just look on the forums here): probably the no 1 is a suspend feature and another common one is to force an item to drop back to app1 (good for enl/burn fails )… just about all SRS systems have some sort of suspend or management feature as part of the system. WK has still failed us on that front…for those people that can remember stuff easily and go fast…great…for those of us that are not 20 years old and can remember things as easily…the problem is real and improvements can be made. I even offered to be a guinea pig 2 years ago if WK wanted to try various things but still no changes.

Really hoping that a built-in manager comes soon! Do my reviews every day for 3 years (minus 1 week of actual vacation pre flaming durtles app - never reset) and still only level 38 because of death by leeches. I’m still willing to be a guinea pig if it helps address the leech problem and make the platform better for everyone!


This is really excellent work. THANKS!

I’m surprising myself, but I think I like that it only uses paired/back-to-back mode for the extra study, and that it keeps you on a question until you pass it.

It makes it nice and quick to get through the “extra” reviews.

FWIW, since I normally only do one session per day with Wanikani, my planned daily routine will now be:

  1. Extra study for recent lessons (optional). I expect to repeat this step 2-3 times, especially if I miss several items on the first pass.
  2. Reviews (mandatory)
  3. Extra study for recent misses (optional)
  4. Lessons (optional, typically 0-20 depending on several factors)

Three notes:

I’ve been doing self-study for items in stages 1 and 2 for the past few weeks to get in some extra reviews. Extra study currently shows 43 items in recent lessons, but my self-study queue with items in stages 1-2 has 50 items. I’m pretty sure the discrepancy is mostly items that have fallen back from stage 3+, but it could also be items more than 24 hours old (I’ve not checked). If it’s the first reason, those items will show up in the recent mistakes queue for extra study anyway, but I’m curious why a rolling 24 hour window was chosen over simply using SRS stage 1 or stage 1 & 2.

I didn’t see a link to get back to the dashboard, but the back button on my browser worked even partway through the extra study session. Excellent!

I do wish it had a counter in the upper right to show how many remaining items there are to review. I also wish it was a little more obvious that you are in “extra” mode and not performing real reviews.


Do you not have these?? I wonder if there’s a script interfering.


Not a script interfering, but the breeze dark theme. I should have checked. Thanks!


I like this update. Some words don’t come up a lot in other reading materials, so they are easier to forget and constantly need extra work. Maybe this will help.