Expect vs time

I just got to these and I already know they’re doomed to become leeches, especially since I got them one after the other.

Any tips for keeping these straight since the kanji is exactly the same but just flipped?

期待 – expect/anticipate
時期 – time

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I think you might wanna take a closer look at those kanji.


those aren’t the same kanji flipped homie

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Aaaand you’re correct and now you know why 時 and 待 are leeches for me already lol. Thanks.


You might want to compare the lefthand side of 待 and 時, because they are indeed different, as others have pointed out before me. One of them is 彳; the other is 日. 日 means ‘sun’, and here likely refers to using the sun to tell the time of day (hence 時 meaning ‘time’; apparently it used to mean ‘(one of the four) seasons’). 彳 originally represented the left half of a plus-shaped crossroads, and often appears in kanji related to movement or action. It seems that 寺 used to refer to administrative buildings in Ancient China. In both cases, these are places at which people often would wait for others, so the overall idea is that of ‘waiting’.


for me, when I read 期待 I hear “私に期待しないで…” in my head every time lmao

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The world didn’t change much when it comes to these kinds of things, did it? :wink:


Thinks of all the time he’s spent in admin buildings since coming to France

Nope, it certainly hasn’t! :rofl:


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