Estimate reviews per day

seanblue writes:
If you expect to slow down a bit but still want to level up consistently, this script may be helpful for you. […] [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter

YES! This is awesome. It’s to resist doing all of the new radicals/kanji as soon as they come up, so this makes it possible to (say) do radicals/kanji on day 1 and then space out vocabulary at 15-20/day. Sweet! :smile:

BobaGakusei writes:
A closed solution formula to estimate your daily reviews is R = 8 L / (3 A - 2)

Nice! This is a much better way in the event that one really is doing a constant number of lessons per day. (Which… with the help of seanblue’s plugin, I vow to do from now on, honest.) [Somehow I missed that the drop was 2 levels instead of 1, which also means that my numbers from simulation are all incorrect… again. Sigh.]

tl;dr is: WaniKaniers are really the best.