English meaning to hiragana review


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So I have a question about reviewing words, and I’m assuming if what I’m looking for exists, it’d be an api/third party tool.

What I’m looking for is a way to review where you are given a word/phrase in English and are asked to translate it into hiragana. Often my family and friends will asks “so how do you say _____ in Japanese?”. I know I can see a word in Kanji and give the reading or meaning from that, but it is much more difficult for me to go in reverse. So us there something I could use for this?


There’s KaniWani, the EN -> JP version of WaniKani (since WK only reinforces JP -> EN), and there’s also a newer EN -> JP web-based app that was developed recently, KameSame, so you can look into those and see which you’d prefer ^^

You just need your WK public API key to sync your progress, which can be found here


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Yeah, Kaniwani great platform. You will run into some situations where it asks you a word, you put in a reading that equals that word - but its wrong because they looking for a different reading. I believe the kaniwani team are working on this. (and you can use I to ignore and try again within the review session which i like)

There is also KameSame - but I haven’t used this - this is suppose to accept the different readings for words, but I like the web-platform of Kaniwani and hopefully this feature be active soon.

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