Dvorak and wanikani / romaji typing

I’ve been learning dvorak for a couple months now, and my speed is slowly getting back to what it was with qwerty. The only problem is that the more I get better at dvorak, the less i can unconsciously type qwerty, so rather be slow at either, i decided to just commit entirely to using dvorak.
however, although more comfortable to type english, i’ve found that certain combinations awkward.
For the handful of people that have switched to dvorak, and switch back and forth between english and romaji input, would you say that overall it is less strenous to type romaji in dvorak than it is typing in qwerty altogether ?
Id love to learn a japanese (romaji) dvorak layout, but i don’t think i can bring myself to re-learning a different layout so soon. I would not be opposed to learning kana input, i know it’s super-seldomly used, but i think it would be easier to learn another layout given that i am associated the muscle memories with hiragana rather than roman letters. but there isn’t exactly a plethora of resources out there to learn it.
but if learning the positions of 40 something keys is all it takes to have a potential double in input speed, i’d give it a go

does anyone have any modern web-app resources to learn, and also some sort of software that will allow mapping keys to kana ?

I think that all IMEs allow for direct kana input.
Let me try:

That was the “asd” line of my qwerty keyboard.

I just clicked on “language Preferences”
Then selected “options” on the Japanese Language Pack
Then “Microsoft IME”
Then scrolled down a little and turned “Use Kana Input” on.

Now I have turned it off again.
Maybe this is not what you are trying to achieve.
If you are, I can document these steps with screen clips.

I assume that you have an IME installed. I use one on Windows, and one on Linux, but I like the Linux one better. This was the Windows one.

Everyone says that no one uses kana keyboards, but I can imagine that a person could type very fast this way:



Possibly my answer is way too simplistic, and you are looking for something different.

oh neato, but it would be great if there was a training web app out there, all the resources I could find seem a bit dated.

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Here is what I would do. Find a print out of the layout. I have seen them online:

Now tape them to your keyboard or something.

Now go play @Darcinion’s kanjiroid game. It is awesome but challenging. You will learn how to use a kana keyboard!


I’ve been using Dvorak with romaji input for about a month now and don’t have any problems with it, in fact, it’s quite comfortable as your left hand barely leaves the home row.
One change I have made is that I now type ふ as “hu” instead of “fu” so I don’t need to stretch for the F key as much.

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after doing a bit more research, it would seem like this layout is probably not the most comfortable of the J layouts available. I think the thumb switch one seems super cool

does this game have a kana input detection mode ?

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