Down but not out

Hello guys.

Just thought I’d pop in with an update since I’ve not been very active lately.
I’m still here!
I very rarely get Ill but for the past couple of months I’ve got a cold I just can’t shake. Started working in a call centre and due to recycled air conditioning, hard to avoid these things. It’s a cold that’s always there in the background, making me cough every now and then and making me feel generally run down and playing hell with my insomnia.
Flared up 3 times for around 3-5 days each time, once giving me a killer migraine.

I’m just about managing to do my reviews every day (Although during the migraine I couldn’t go on for 3 days, but i caught back up)
But my ability to do new lessons is limited now and my retention has dropped a lot, I’ve also taken a step back from other Japanese related studying.

Wanikani is keeping me in the game though, at least I’ve got the reviews to come back to and keep my mind active.

Just thought I’d create a post saying you haven’t lost me, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.


Don’t punish yourself too much because of this. Since you’re not doing new lessons, the items you know very well go up in the SRS, but the leeches stay down (i.e. they’ll come back to you more often than items you know well). This happens to every level 60 actually, since they stop having lessons to do.

See this as an opportunity to focus on those harder items, which will make your path easier when you’re “back”.

Another thing you could do is the 3 lessons/day method. 3 lessons will barely take any mental energy and time from you. However, it puts you at almost 1 level/40 days (if 120 items/level: 120/3 lessons = 40 days). This can also help you with not feeling like you’re not progressing and it will surely help that accuracy stay up (which is also a motivator). Not to mention that it builds up discipline, the very thing that will lead you to fluency in the long-term.



Good. Don’t go anywhere. I still did my review every day though not to zero them when I was sick. Even if it’s just one item to review.

Ah, since this thread is in public. And I’m not sure if I should move it to campfire. I won’t explain more about my sickness.


Every person struggles and is faced with challenges, it is the attitude we take when dealing with struggles, hardships and challenges which defines us.
I also debated whether this thread belonged in Campfire or Wanikani and my decision was due to this relating to how being ill was affecting me with Wanikani.
Feel free to move the thread if you think it fits better in Campfire, however. Just provide marshmallows for toasting.


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