Do you use the kana chart?

When doing reviews, if you can’t remember the reading right away, do you ever look through the kana chart to see if it can jog your memory?

I used to do this, but recently have stopped because I think if I only barely remember it with the help of outside stimulus, it shouldn’t count. Though maybe one could argue it isn’t outside stimulus as one could just go through all the kana in their head.

What are others views on this?

I’ll try once in a while, but it never actually helps me remember. ^^;;

Not really, can’t imagine it helping me.

But I don’t think it’s cheating, it’s basically like what mnemonics do, just something to jog up your memory

I used it once or twice, when I didn’t know how to write づ

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Haven’t used the chart even once


I sometimes go through all the kana in my head.

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Kana Chart?

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I’m pretty strict on the reviews - either I remember it unassisted within a few seconds, or just type ‘nn’ and fail it. (Then obviously ‘f’ to study the correct answer). I’m going for “would I recognize this at near reading speed?” I don’t find it helps to sit there and think or try to jog my memory with something else.

Plus, I don’t consider a failed review a bad thing. It’s just a chance to review it again, because clearly I’m not ready to wait even longer before reviewing it next time.


I didn’t even know that existed for years.

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There’s a Kana chart?

Yeah I can understand that. I’ve got more strict over time but not to that degree yet. 100% agree about failed reviews. I think that’s the only attitude that makes sense. It’s an opportunity, and it’s the system working as intended.

@DirtyBird @SuperSnoopy during reading reviews one of the buttons under the input bar opens a kana chart.

I have accidentally clicked it a couple times! :smile:

I use it because my goddamn keyboard cannot type ‘z’ at the moment. :sob:

Before that I didn’t know it exist


I found it when I was trying to figure out how to type づ, and then forgot it existed.

I think I’ve checked it a couple times, but only early on when I wasn’t sure how to type particular characters. Otherwise, I’ve had my hiragana down in my head for years, so it’s not usually an issue of forgetting one in particular. (If katakana were more heavily used on here, I’d probably use the chart more often. My katakana is terrible. XD)

nani the heck is a kana chart? sounds beta

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