Do you avoid Auto Pilot Reading?

I get irrationally upset when I don’t know a word, so if I’m reading something for the sake of learning I’ll look stuff up often.

Depending on the series, I might look up more at the beginning of the series, then I get some patterns. Later in the series, rather than I don’t really know the meaning, it can also be simply that the meaning is not clear. Still, I sometimes feel like rushing.

But then, it doesn’t always work. There are series that stay difficult.

It may be best to look up most things as a beginner; and time both modes as an intermediate (otherwise it would be hard to make quantity).

I heard with light novels you should look up every new word for the first 100 pages and then the rest of the series is smooth sailing because it’ll repeat the same 95% of words. I tried it with 86 but I guess my general knowledge was no where close to what was needed. It was roughly 6-15 words a page.

Yeah, well I hear 86 is one of the most difficult LN’s written so I’m not surprised it didn’t quite work out :grin:.


I’m watching the anime and I would say I’m getting most of it, except when they talk about the military, and politics, and war, and…


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Oh 86. Yeah. That was like I could follow it barely but I wasn’t gonna pretend to understand any nuances outside of the “racism bad” message.