DIscouraging number of lessons

My advice is a little counter to most others. To get through WaniKani, you will have to get through large numbers of lessons and reviews. Doing them all at once or little by little is up to you and depends on your goals.

The trick, I believe, is instead of getting overwhelmed, schedule a time or times when you can get through them. Once it’s part of your routine, it won’t seem so overwhelming.

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I’m sort of with you here? I believe discipline is important. Just suck it up and do it everyday. Once it becomes a habit it stops being painful :joy:

But! Unfortunately this approach doesn’t work for everyone. If you can’t do 20 lessons everyday, just do 5 or 10. Or 7 with a lesson script. Pick a number. But the most important thing it’s to find a time to do it everyday. This way, even if you move slowly you’ll still be moving.

Once it feels like a breeze to do 5, push a little more!

Just remember that 20 lessons per day it’s all you need to be almost optimal for 8 days level-ups, so I would argue that it’s actually pretty normal to do just 5 or 10 lessons per day.


As I mentioned at the very beginning, the approcach of “pace yourself”, “slow and steady wins the race” and all those cliches… simply don’t work for me.

The moment where I let some of the work I need to do sit around and wait for better times is the beginning of the end for me.

That said, the fact that i absolutely need to do it, doesn’t mean that it’s a pleasurable thing, that’s why I started the topic.

I believe you are right, we just gotta suck it up :sweat_smile:

My advice to anyone like me would also be to just do it every single day - no matter what.

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I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been on both ends: doing too many lessons (things don’t stick as fast as I’d like them because there were too many of them, and I get discouraged when reviews start piling) and doing no lessons at all (lessons keep piling up and ended up in 100+).

What I do now to make sure I don’t do either is I use a userscript (I think it’s WaniKani Heatmap script) that shows the days I did reviews/lessons and then I challenge myself to maintain my streak of lessons – I’m at 29 days streak now!

This means I force myself to do 5-20 lessons a day. And, to make sure my streak doesn’t end, I end up slowing down on the lessons so I don’t run out of them while trying to unlock more lessons. I found this very effective in pacing my lessons since I got back to WK ~2 months back. I was still able to finish my last level in ~9 days (and will probably finish this level in ~10 days total).

As others have mentioned, make sure you don’t have too many apprentice items, as you’ll face a different issues (too many reviews everyday!). Mine hovers at around 90-120.

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Just had a pretty good review session.
The downside of it is that my lesson counter is at 134 now.

That hurts deeply :wink:

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