Different Mnemonic Suggestion for Level 15's 帰 (Return)

hello! I was learning the level 15 kanji this morning and noticed WK teaches the reading for 帰 (return, return home) (かえ) as ‘car elephant’.

  • Personally, I think it might make more sense to just say the reading is the same as the similar returning-themed words 返る (to be returned) and 返す (to return something) which also share the かえ reading.
  • Or, if not that, both 返る and 返す are taught with the mnemonic of ‘car eggs’; I think it makes sense to have the same mnemonic for the same sounds so perhaps 帰 should also use ‘car eggs’ instead of using the new imagery of a ‘car elephant’ (maybe the bleeding wolverine gets in his car to go home and cracks eggs on the wound to stop the bleeding, haha?)

What do y’all think? :innocent:

(obvs we all will just use the mnemonic which works best for us so personally i’ll refer to the earlier return-words to remember, but i wonder if this might be helpful for others too!)


You should get the community mnemonics script and add your custom one to the list :slight_smile:

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