Difference between "vocab" and "kanji"?

Hey guys ! I’m sure this is maybe a silly question, but I’m wondering… what’s the difference between the “kanji” meanings/pronunciations for kanji, and the “vocabulary” meanings/pronunciations for kanji ?

I’m referring to the vocab which have just the single kanji, not the vocab formed with different elements. It’s just been a bit confusing because… both the lone kanji in the vocab cards and the lone kanji in the kanji cards have the same meaning, but differen readings… So, when I do them, I find myself trying to type in like, three different readings and not doing it right because it wants a specific one l ol.

So yeah. If someone could explain that to me that’d be great. If this wasn’t very clear, lemme know.

This is just an artifact of the way the site is set up. They don’t want to overwhelm you with lots of information at first, so when they teach a kanji, they only teach one reading. Later on, when you learn vocab for it, you learn more… but those readings were always a part of the kanji. You just hadn’t been taught them initially.

The important thing to remember that the purple items are words. The readings you see there can stand alone as words in sentences.

The readings for kanji cards may or may not be able to stand alone as words.

It’s kind of like the difference between “water” and “hydro-” or “aqua-”.


Or like learning that # is the pound sign, and then learning to read #! /bin/sh/ and #3.

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Thanks so much for the clarification, that really helps !! It all makes sense now heh. :herb:


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